December 21, 2017


Founded in 2016, we are a niche studio practice with some good work under our umbrella and some exciting endeavors for the future.

Space… a designers beckoning … it drives us by its alluring nature and a hope of attaining an insight into its profundity. An alchemy in the making we treat it with reverence giving each notion a chance to metamorphose into the realization that it deserves.

In the few projects that we have finished so far we have listened to intuition, tried to be adventurous, spirited and most of all truthful. We bring to each effort a sense of nostalgia - music, fashion, movies, art, travel, love, hate, laughter, loss, memories, friendship and life itself. These have been our stimulus especially in those moments of deterrence that all designers struggle with.

We would like to be known as intuitionalist, whose sensitivity mould the outcome of each design be it a wall, a room, a building, or a garden.

Our brief foray into interiors and architecture has taken us back and forth through several endearing moments - from the atmospheric to the subtle, from the bold moves to work tempered by restraint. We are still oscillating between so many emotions that will craft our spaces as they do us.
We only hope we don't stop making mistakes, taking risks and living with doubt. They are as important to a young studio as they are to a child.

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